Big Data


Data is everywhere. Ultimately, the value in big data is in gaining insight from it – insight through analytics. Though analytics itself is not new, with big data we now have a much wider array of data sources that can drive this insight. New technologies like Hadoop, object stores and in-memory databases along with increased economies of scale let you process unprecedented volumes and varieties of data. Now you can get new levels of insight much faster than ever before.

Big Data Challenges

Big Data projects, many have not moved beyond pilot projects because of the time, complexity, cost involved and clarity required on many questions. Couple of questions are;

  • How do you manage Large-Scale Information in the Constantly Connected World?
  • How do you process and analyze data for better business decisions?
  • How do you access insight and application through any device?
  • How do you secure most vital business information (data)?

Big Data Platform

Apache Hadoop has emerged as the de facto standard way of storing all of this “big data,” mostly  in  the form of commercial implementations from HortonWorks, Cloudera and MAPR. Associated  technologies such as Flume, HBAse, Hive, Kafka, MapReduce, Spark and Storm offer different  ways to get information into and out of Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) so it can be shared with analytics engines, enterprise applications and user interfaces.

Big data doesn’t just live wherever your Hadoop or other clusters are running, it’s generated and consumed by application and users around the world. Big data applications demand truly 24x7x365 availability even through natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. Your infrastructure needs to automatically recover from a wide range of system faults and even datacenter-level outages.

Sabre-Informix provides big data infrastructure solution based on the big data platform, data volume, growth, network, scalability, applications, enterprise architecture and in the context of customer’s business need. Please let us know your big data requirements, so that we can provide you optimal solution.